A moment will pass, but a movement will last...
This is a collection of artwork created for Grammy award winning hip-hop artist Chamillionaire, and his website chamillionaire.com.

The first project is a landing page to promote Chamillionaire’s 4th release in his mixtape series, Mixtape Messiah. The whole purpose of the landing page was to really push the exclusivity of getting an autographed copy of the release. To do this I scanned in a copy of Chamillionaire’s autograph, and imposed it a-top the artwork to demonstrate what fans would be receiving.

Other projects included a cover for the Houston based start-up magazine UrbanTimez, promotional posters & fliers for Chamillionaire’s various releases, and banners for chamillionaire.com.

Follow Chamillionaire on Twitter (@chamillionaire) and check out chamillionaire.com
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